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I can never have enough Disney crossovers. 


 oh god oh god oh god oh god

I.. I think I really love this.

This a hundred times over!

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The Infamous Starfire panel, done with Jason Instead!


Despite the fact that I hate the massive character derailment involving Starfire, I DID enjoy Red Hood and the Outlaws #1. 

I found this post and it made me laugh.


FYJT: Heheheh this is awesome! I (mod!Liz) actually enjoyed the book, but didn’t enjoy the treatment and characterization of Starfire whatsoever, and I definitely did not like the poor characterization of Jason bragging about sleeping with Kory. I do not think that’s something he would do at all and wasn’t impressed with that, nor was I impressed with the sexual joke about her (‘38’s’). But I loved the art, loved the interaction between Jason and Roy and still want to get the next issue. But mostly I was sad that this was Jason’s first ongoing comic and this is what happened. I really, really, really hope things turn around and that the writer gets a clue about the treatment of female characters





Fandom is angry because a woman is having sex

Fandom is angry because a woman is having sex with two dudes

Fandom is angry because a woman is having sex with two dudes and gives no fucks about their opnions

Fandom is angry because a woman chooses to have sex with two dudes and gives no fucks about their opnions

this is female sexuality being treated in a good way, as a woman’s choice to be this way and fucking fandom is screaming about how their beloved character is now ruined


fuck you fandom

I think you can argue that the whole “She won’t remember it” (which I still think is a lie) aspect is skeevy as hell, but yes. This. 

X’hal, no.

Fandom is angry because nothing in that comic book was about Kory enjoying hot sex with two hot dudes, it was about turning her into a porn fantasy and a sex object. They used her supposed goldfish memory and all humans being the same to her to explain the lack of emotion in any of her expressions in any of the panels, but to me it was just creepy the same way that a lot of mainstream straight porn is creepy: she offered sex, but I didn’t buy for a moment that she really wanted it. The only impression I got was that she was doing it because she thought that she was supposed to. Apart from the whole thing being icky and very unconvincing in terms of consent, it was also the opposite of Kory we know and love. Kory, who was always sexually open, but loved so fiercely, feltso intensely. This person reads completely dead inside, joyless and resigned. And don’t even get me started on the creepy conversation between Jason and Roy while they were checking her out. They’re basically discussing how to take advantage of her. Once again, gross, creepy and wildly out of character. Back when we expected these three to actually be Kory, Jason and Roy, fandom cheered at the possibilities of all the sex. This thing is the opposite of that.

That’s what fandom is angry about, OP.

Reblogged for that comment above.

If that is a positive portrayal of female sexuality I do not want to have any sexuality at all anymore. Because I actually like to remember the sex I had with men and not want them to basically high five around my back how I will totally forget it anyway and sleep with any man available.

I like to be able to feel emotions and be not just some kind of pretty sex doll.

I was hoping for Kory teaching those two guys about emotions because that is what this character is all about, being strong through embracing her emotions.

Now it reads like a bad porn movie script.

If that is how you define a positive portrayal of female sexuality then fuck you, OP.

THIS and THIS right above, did you even read Red Hood or just look at the pictures OP?

OP is a fucking idiot who should get an education in the male gaze and the objectification of women. OP is probably the same idiot in Scans Daily who said all of Tumblr was slut shaming Kory. YEAH NO FUCK YOU DIPSHIT.

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[TRAUMA WARNING! Contain trans-women slurs.]

Yesterday, two new comic books from the “New 52” relaunch of DC Comics provoked some online controversy: Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws. They were controversial in particular because of the way they depicted women,…

Thank you.  How you know this is written for guys…What the fuck is the guy doing to please the woman?  If i’m gonna have women getting all the sex they want, I better see the guy do a lot of pleasuring too, so I know she’s gonna actually enjoy herself.  Not just see the guy at the end just sit there with his hands to the side uselessly, while she’s sitting on him working him.  PLEASE. I live in Las Vegas. I’ve seen shit and I recognize the signs.  This isn’t about the females getting sexual agency or empowerment or even getting pleasure, this is ALL about the guy’s pleasure. This is all about their fantasy.

And no kidding considering, DC’s target audience is 18-34 yr old cisgendered males. Thanks DC!  There is no woman empowerment happening here.  Don’t fucking kid yourself! Selina and Kory have been turned into objects. Toys. Tools. They’re not characters. They’re tools. I laugh at anyone who talks about this being character development and positive changes in the reboot. I’m sorry, you’re wrong (or you’re perfectly fine with seeing women being objectified, take your pick, I know some people see no harm in that).

Furthermore, Jason has been turned into a fucking frat boy.  Oh God, I don’t recognize him.  He’s snarky, a killer and a bit of a troll sometimes, but not an asshole. Guy hasn’t been shown to treat women like that before either. OH THIS IS A REBOOT! THINGS CHANGE, AH I’M SORRY!  He’s now a privileged asshole with a bit of hipster attitude. “he wears the bat symbol cuz he’s ironic!” WOW. I’M SO FUCKING IMPRESSED DC. Christ, I’ve worked at Abercrombie and Fitch and my roommate is friends with frat boys. They come out with better shit than that.  Only thing i can see in common is…women aren’t people to them. They’re objects! They’re only good for fucking and making you look good.  yes, Kory, please do my bidding like the good attack doggy you are.  And yes, bro, I am ALL she thinks about. High five man! 

What makes me more ill is that people are excusing Jason, while slut shaming Kory.  

FUCK those people and FUCK DC. Writers and artists, you have no taste or shame.  If your goal was to bring in readers with poor taste, congratulations!  Quick, someone post this to 4-chan! I reaaaaaaaaally want to know how they’d rate these books.  No seriously.  I would LOVE to read their reaction (or lack of since I get the feeling they wouldn’t be too impressed either…). *shrugs* Or who knows, maybe DC will find themselves with a new audience.  Worth a try no?  Yeah, no. Even I wouldn’t wish 4-chan on DC. I think….

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