Hanging Fruits




While MegaCon isn’t the biggest comic show, it does attract the DC Nation traveling editorial road show of Dan DiDio and Eddie Berganza. Hey, I wouldn’t mind a trip to Florida in the middle of a Northeast winter either.

The usual comics sites didn’t send reporters but…

Nobody else deserves to be put through that book. I hope Lobdell doesn’t finally get permission to use Raven as an Outlaw. No matter how sick I am of her always being stuck in the Teen Titans book, I don’t want Lobdell to pull a Starfire with her (especially since Raven’s character has been marred for years already).

Also not wary about him writing Static, but I am mostly glad DC isn’t going to let him fade into limbo after messing up his book. No surprise on the vagueness surrounding Cass either :/

I don’t know how I feel about Cass. I mean, I’m happy to see she’s being recognized again. But. At the same time. … heads will roll if she gets screwed up again. <xDDD

DC, stop screwing over my babies. *gathers up Jason, Roy, Wally, Peej, and Cass*

Someone call me when things get better ‘kay?